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Thanks Bret for the presentation on the overview of the VDA PFMEA. Click on the link below for the presentation from the online meeting in January.

VDA FMEA Overview

Dear ASQ Section 1302,

 In the spirit of quality and setting an example of excellence in our communities, ASQ Section 1302 leadership has opted to cancel the section meeting scheduled for 3-19-2020 at Chances R in York, Ne. The decision to terminate the meeting stems from the current COVID-19 threat and the WHO and CDC direction for social distancing to slow the spread of the virus. The leadership team is aware of the impact this will have on the Chances R in York, NE and the section 1302 community, however, the risk to the community by the gathering is too great to abide. See below for ASQ Section 1302  upcoming virtual meeting with presenter Jesse DePriest. Thank you for your understanding in regards to this decision.

Thank you,

ASQ Section 1302 Leadership

 The above statement is not endorsed by, or a reflection of ASQ current stance. The message above is intended only as a notification to the local ASQ section 1302 community to disseminate information regarding current decisions of the local leadership.


ASQ 1302 March Section Meeting


March 19, 2020

7:00 p.m. – Presentation


Program Presenter:  Jesse DePriest  

Program Topic:   The Improvement / Coaching Kata

Lean is a leadership approach and management philosophy – that employs a set of tools, techniques, and methods – that as a SYSTEM, reduces (eliminates) waste from our processes AND develops people through problem solving for the purpose of flowing greater value to our customers.

The work of management therefore, is more than ‘delivering results’ … we also have the responsibility for improving the way we work and to develop and care for people as we do it … we have a principal moral obligation as leaders to develop the skillsets – ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ – of everyone in our charge.

But by what method do we do it? … A3? DMAIC? 4C? BASICS? 8D?

How do you know it is working (that we are getting better results while also developing people)? … sustained improved efficiencies? COQ reduced over time? Greater customer satisfaction? Employee Engagement Scores? Employee Retention Rates?

Teaching our people the method is a major challenge. It takes time and energy, is hard to sustain, and we as leaders need to know how to do it first before we can teach others – and we can get tripped up by focusing on the proper application of the method and lose sight of the human development obligation as a result. SO… What if there was a better way?  A way for our leaders and teams to improve their processes AND grow their skills in problem solving at the same time?

Enter the Improvement / Coaching Kata.

Kata means “form” – referring to a detailed choreographed pattern of movements to be practiced both independently and within teams when learning something new. Kata is practiced in martial arts as a way to memorize and perfect the movements of the fighter. 

Toyota Kata defines management as, ‘the systematic pursuit of desired conditions by utilizing human capabilities in a concerted way.” The author of Toyota Kata, Mike Rother, proposes that it is not solutions themselves that provide sustained competitive advantage and long-term survival, but the degree to which an organization has mastered an effective routine for improving processes again, and again, along UN predictable paths. This is not to say that the time-tested methods we have developed should be abandoned – on the contrary – the Kata method fits within the models we’ve learned (A3, DMAIC, 8D, etc.). It is a way for people to learn how to think scientifically in their work without having to be experts in the various quality tools – and build these skills so they become second nature in our organizations.

In this presentation, you will learn the basic I/C Kata model, the 5 questions for leaders to as, and apply the model in a fun /  engaging simulation.  See Jesse’s Bio below.

RSVP Patti Burk at by 03/16/20 at 3:00 p.m.

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Jessie DePriest

Jesse is a Lean/SS Black Belt with a passion for people and process improvement and has over 25 years’ executive leadership experience in manufacturing and service industries. He has held a variety of roles including Director of Continuous Improvement, General Manager, Sales/Business Development Executive, Product Management, Operations, Customer Service, and Product Development.

 Jesse holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Operations Management, an MBA, and served in the US Army for eight years as an officer and helicopter pilot. He is an Adjunct Professor for Operations Management at Midland University MBA program, teaches lean fundamentals at the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, has been an EOS Base Camp Implementer, and is a Certified Process Optimizer™.

 Jesse is an OPEX Transformation Coach at First National Bank of Omaha and provides lean leadership coaching and consulting services on the side. In addition to speaking and training for independent organizations, Jesse serves on the Iowa Lean Consortium advisory board, is a speaker for both ILC and the Siouxland Lean Consortium and facilitates monthly lean coffees in the Omaha area. Jesse is sought after as a lean coach and change management leader. Jesse lives in Omaha with his wife and family, and dog Sophia.

ASQ 1302 April Section Meeting

April 16, 2020





RSVP Patti Burk at by 04/13/20.