Position Description

Responsible for planning and implementing programs and activities of the member unit

Term One year:January 1 to December 31. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
• Work with Member Unit Leadership Council to set goals/metrics to support the member unit’s management process as they relate to programs and activities development.
• Communicate/report to the Member Unit Leadership Council activities performed, status of performance against. Goals/metric set, etc. for member unit program and activities development.
• Determine focus of member unit events and programs.
• Solicit speakers to match topics.
• Work with arrangements chair, if applicable, to coordinate speaker needs.
• Work with the appropriate chair to publish events in a timely manner.
• Attend Executive Board meetings and general membership meetings.
• Uphold Society Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Section Operating Agreement or Division Management Agreement.
• Must be an ASQ member in good standing.
• Should possess strong organization, delegation, and communication skills.
• Preferably will have some event planning experience.
Time Commitment Approximately 3 hours per month (outside of member unit and executive committee meetings).