ASQ Section 1302 Fall Certification Prep Courses

CQE and CMQ/OE Online Classes for Upcoming Exams  is in Process

Class dates: August 13 – October 7, 2018

Registration: Is closed

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A Note about Our Certification Prep Courses
The certification prep courses we offer are refreshers. Due to time limitation, they are not intended to cover all the components of the Body of Knowledge in great depth. Taking the courses does not constitute, nor imply, the successful passing of the ASQ Certifications examinations.
To do well on the tests requires significant time, effort, and engagement by the student in the learning process. Active, regular, and consistent participation in the course, completing all readings, assignments, activities, and quizzes, and engaging in conversations and discussions improves the probability of successful performance on the ASQ examination. Essentially, to get the most benefit from the course, you must behave as a good college student who is taking a course for credit.

CQE Online Class

Click here for the CQE required resources – CQE Fall2018_Reference Materials

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Instructor Contact Email: Robert Ludrick

CMQ/OE Online Class

Instructor Contact Email: Rick Pennington

Click here for CMQ/QE required & recommended resources – CMQOE 2018 Reference Materials

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NOTE: ASQ offers instructor-led classes – See links below for more information.

ASQ Online CMQ/OE Manager

ASQ Online CQE