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As a courtesy we are passing on the below opportunity from the Minnesota ASQ Section for the below Prep Class.

Online CQA Prep Class

MNASQ will be offering 6 Sessions of ASQ CQA Prep class. Remote log in will be made available if we get at least one student interested in attending the class remotely.

Please note that our on line attendees will be attending the same session as “live” attendees and will be included in Q&A etc for the six sessions that meet for 3 hours each. To get the full benefit from the cert prep sessions registrants must be able to attend the six sessions by logging in to our live sessions. We may have some MN attendees logging in remotely too in to “ Adobe Connect” provided by St. Cloud State campus where the classes will be held.

Click on Link for further information.  ASQ CQA Exam Prep by MNASQ


Online CQE and CMQ/OE Prep Classes In Process

ASQ 1302 is hosting online prep classes for the CQE and CMQ/OE certifications. Click here for more information about the classes that are currently in session.

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