Important Policies

  1. You must read the article found at the following site which describes online v. traditional learning
  2. Registration implies intent to take the ASQ certification exam within 6 months of last day of class. If not willing to make that commitment, we advise against taking the course.
  3. Payment is not sufficient for, nor a guarantee of, receiving the completion certificate and the RU’s. Active participation in the discussion area of the course and grades on quizzes are considered in the decision to award the certificate and the RUs. The student must show at least 75% participation in discussion and quizzes to get the completion certificate and RUs.
  4. A student will get out of a class as much time and effort he/she puts into it. Ultimately, YOU are the one who must take the ASQ certification exam so YOU must learn the material. There is no time to procrastinate! These are fast-paced classes, packed-full and designed to teach you, but also to guide YOUR STUDYING efforts. It is critical to have your books and supplies, keep up with the pace of the course, and be diligent in doing all the work: reading all the materials, discussion board activity, watching the videos, and doing the homework/quizzes.
  5. In short you must be engaged and an active participant in the learning process. If you commit the right amount of time and effort to this class, you will greatly improve you probability of success. This may not be a for-credit course at a university, but you must treat it as such. You can pave your path to success with self-discipline and dedication to doing the work. Of course, your instructor and classmates will be there to help you achieve that success!
  6. Refund Policy:

    • 100% tuition refund – Before the class starts
    • 50% tuition refund – Before the end of the first week of class
    • $75 tuition refund – After the second week of class
    • No refund will be issued outside of the above timelines
  7. Course Cancellation Refund Policy:
    In case of low enrollment, class will be cancelled prior to start date and full refund will be issued.
  8. ********************************************
    My completion and submission of the registration form serves as evidence that I have read and understand the policies as well as the article which describes differences between online and traditional learning.

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