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ASQ Section 1302 – 2016 Phil Shanline Scholarship Recipients


Xavier Shiu

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Currently a student at UNL seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Member of National Society of Professional Engineers.

Xavier looks at quality as “the difference between a friend and an acquaintance, the difference between caring and not caring…”

Xavier is well on the way to achieving his goal of becoming an engineer in the manufacturing world. As part of his goal, Xavier will be leaving this month for a hands on learning opportunity in a Production Management Engineer Co-Op position.  Upon completion, he will return to UNL to finish his last three semesters before achieving his Bachelor’s degree.

“I realize the value of education, time, and money. I know all that I learn today and the decisions I make will impact not only my future but also that of many others. I have learned to look outside conventional ways to accomplish more and to grow as an individual. I believe this will help me succeed in an era where everything seems to be a “time is of the essence” event. I cannot make more time; I can only use it more efficiently.”


Shayne Pearson

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Shayne is working towards both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Services. He continues to work as the Outreach Director at the People City Mission’s Safe Place program and as the Program Director at The Bay, a non-profit youth center located here in Lincoln.

The use of best practices and the collection of quantifiable data allows the staff to see what areas are successful, and what areas need improvement. As an example, Shayne explains the Street Outreach program.  “The program provides basic needs, support and long term service referrals to young people who are homeless, at risk, trafficked or exploited.  An intake process has been created and the use of a Homeless Management Information System allows for the recording of the details of the interactions and the creation of follow up plans.”

In addition to all this, Shayne remains involved in Skate For Change, a community outreach program whose mission statement is to “empower youth through skateboarding and teach them that giving back isn’t hard”. Shayne believes that “in teaching a generation of young people how to care for and meet the needs of some of the most overlooked people in our city, we will begin to foster this idea that quality in all relationships is not only essential, but attainable and rewarding.”


Shawn Barger

Bishop-Neumann Sr. High School

Shawn will be pursuing his Associates’ degree and license in veterinary technology as the first step in obtaining a Bachelor’s of Veterinary Science at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Shawn sees quality within his chosen career as, “Use of quality to provide clean, safe and appropriate care for animals. Quality control is used to monitor safe drug administration, humane treatment of animals and clean working environments for surgical procedures and to advance industry standards through safe research and testing.”

Shawn sees this application of quality at work, at the Saunders Medical Center Long Term Care facility where he volunteers as a certified medication aide and nursing assistant.

Shawn has had the opportunity to experience the differences between high quality care and low quality care after volunteering at a small local vet’s office and the local animal shelter. He identifies two causes for the discrepancy between the two facilities, “…poor quality care can be attributed to one of two causes.  One, lack of financial resources to provide good care and second, the lack of knowledge…”

Speaker  for the Ceremony – Dr. Tom Osborne


Dr. Tom Osborne

Thank you Dr. Osborne.

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Dave McCracken and Diane Runge
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