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Hannah Doorenbos

Hannah is enrolled at Northwest Missouri State, seeking a Bachelor’s in English Education.

Her introduction to Quality was introduced by a quote from Victorian art critic John Ruskin; “Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of intelligent effort.”  She believes that it is the individuals in the community that make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Her goal is to become a high school English teacher.  She hopes that her growth will allow her to emulate the teachers that inspired her and showed her that applying quality teaching techniques to instill a love in learning in students.

Hannah has adapted the quote from John Ruskin to make her personal motto: “Quality does not happen through apathy.  Quality is created by people who actively work to make the lives of others better.”

Tayma Sebek

Tayma is currently enrolled at Doane University, majoring in Elementary Education.

She is currently a Doane University pre-service teacher.  As part of the program, daily reflections are required, which she has found is an effective tool to “create a mindset of continuous growth to promote student success.”

Tayma became a student ambassador at the Nebraska State Literacy Association conference, where she became aware that “to ensure sustainable quality in the classroom, teachers should seek professional development activities to learn.”

Her goals include continuing to build her skills in public speaking, flexibility and problem solving in order to become a stand out educator by seeking feedback from her professors and colleagues allows her to measure progress.

Sydney Jensen

Sydney Jensen is currently enrolled at Doane university pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership and is a teacher at Lincoln High School.

Sydney’s process of reflection made her aware of something lacking within her own teaching style.  This moment came at the end of her first year of teaching, when she realized that she did not know what one of her student’s voice sounded like.  It led her to set a goal to not allow this to happen again.  In order to achieve this goal, she sought new learning opportunities and by observing respected colleagues.

Sydney was lucky to have the student again and able to see how the changes she had made within her own processes led to improvements.

Because of her ongoing continuous improvement efforts, Sydney Jensen has been elected as the 2019 Nebraska Teacher of the Year.

Chad Niemeier

Chad is entering his freshmen year at UNL seeking a degree in Agri-business.

Chad is an officer in the Tri County High School FFA.

While learning about his future career path, Chad was introduced to the Six Sigma approach and how it can be used to create stable processes, increase crop yields and improve environmental sustainability practices.

Chad intends to continue learning more about the role of Six Sigma and how they can lead to necessary ecological methods that will lead to improvements for the earth. Improvements in management of natural resources play a vital promotion of human welfare as he believes that environmental risk factors contribute to human wellness.

His long term goal is to manage an ag-related production business that also focuses on preserving natural resources and encourages energy conservation.

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