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Congratulation to our Phil Shanline Scholarship Recipients

  • Erin Patton

  • Caleb Laue

  • Xavier Shiu

Erin Patton-

Erin is currently enrolled at UNL, majoring in Biological Systems Engineering, Water Science.

Erin’s essay delved into the personal aspects of quality.  “Quality is more than a department at a job or the results of a survey, it’s being able to have pride and honor in your work. Quality is keeping those using your work safe. I measure quality in the pride and honor I feel with my work.”

Her goals are to become a certified engineer.  To help her achieve these goals, Erin has interned in the engineering department and waste water department at Cargill and attends as many seminars as her schedule allows.


Caleb Laue-

Caleb Laue will be attending UNL in the fall of 2017, pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

In Caleb’s essay, he defined Quality in the business world as, “a stepping stone that can give that competitive advantage…”.  He recognizes the importance of quality in smaller businesses.  “Smaller businesses must have some way to gain a competitive advantage to stay afloat.  This is where quality comes into play.”

His ten year goal is to finish his degree and to achieve a career in upper management.  To help him reach these goals, Caleb plans to intern in the summers to increase his experience and network.

Xavier Shiu-

Xavier is a two time recipient of the Phil Shanline scholarship. He is enrolled at UNL, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Xavier completed a co-op with Cargill in the summer of 2016 and was able to see “how quality was a factor for all levels of employees and all stages for the production process.”

Xavier will be interning with Cargill again this summer within another division.  His focus this year will be on continuous improvement. Xavier’s plans for the next ten years will take him through maintenance and reliability, to project engineering, with the end goal of facility manager.

Xavier Thank you ASQ



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