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Message from the Chair


I would say welcome to 2017 but we are into the third month already. Things are continually changing and evolving.  ISO standards are changing, board members are changing and customer requirements are changing.

Quality professionals need to adapt to change and need to understand the failure to roll with the flow results in missed opportunities. When we understand that change will take place we need to take action so that it does not leave us behind.

One of the changes the ASQ section 1302 Board is addressing is On line training and examination. This has been a challenge but we have Board members that have kept their nose to the grind stone on this and it is coming to fruition.  If you are reading this later in the year you may have already experienced this phenomenon.

We look forward to continued fresh perspectives, new ideas and enthusiasm. We, the Board, are striving to bring value to the membership. We, the Board, want to listen to the membership as you voice your opinion.  Especially about what is valuable to you.  Please continue to attend the ASQ monthly meetings. Please continue to give feedback to the Board.  Please consider becoming a member of the Board.  You will be joining one of the finest teams I have ever known.

Thank you

Eddy Sander


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