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Congratulations to Phil Shanline Scholarship Recipients

Ali Al Hajaj

Ali transferred to Lincoln from a school in Louisville, KY and is currently a student at Northstar high school with a 3.9 GPA.  He is active within the school and participates in the Beta Club, is a student council member, served as the president of the International Club as well as organizing and supporting student activities such as pep rallies, color runs, Homecoming and clothing drives.      As an immigrant, Ali pushed himself to learn English quickly so that he could communicate effectively and had to learn to operate outside of his comfort zone.   He knows that his “…journey will always be to work hard, learn and achieve.”   Ali will be attending the Nebraska Wesleyan University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree before going on to achieve a doctorate degree.  He plans to open his own clinic and treat patients regardless of ability to pay.

“Just because they do not have enough money, it does not mean they cannot go to a doctor”


Adeline Beals

Adeline is currently a student at Meridian High School in Daykin, Nebraska with a 4.0 GPA.  Adeline’s vision of a quality community begins with, “…support from local businesses and citizens.  Community members bring change and increase the quality of life for everyone by getting involved and taking on leadership positions.”  Adeline has already begun her journey into the medical world by earning her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and working in a nursing home.  Adeline has been accepted to the University of Kansas Honors Program and will begin attending KU in the fall of 2018.  Her plan is to earn a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in microbiology and a minor in biochemistry.  After KU, she will apply to medical school and complete her residency.

“In addition to adding quality to the lives of my patients, my work will enable me to enrich the quality of my community and the world.”


Kori Kowalewski

Kori is currently a student at Gothenburg High School in Gothenburg, Nebraska with a 4.0 GPA.  Kori is a member of the FFA and volunteers in community activities.  In addition, she spends an hour every Monday through Thursday with a preschool class, helping students with letters, numbers and communication skills. This includes helping the students plan their day. “This allows the students to practice their communication skills and ability to make decisions.” She will be helping with the Kindergarten jump start program to help prepare the kids for the next level of their education. She feels that it is important to “…help kids create a solid foundation for learning as well as judgement so they can decide between right and wrong later in life. Kori will be attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln College of Education and Human Sciences.  She has been accepted to the Honors Program as well.  At UNL, she will be pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with the goal of attaining a Master’s degree.



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